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For buyers who are active VAT payers and possess a valid European Union VAT identification number we issue proforma invoices with 0% VAT
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1. Put the products in the basket. Don’t confirm the basket
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– name and surname of the ordering person

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After receiving the payment, we will issue a VAT invoice and send the ordered goods.



The essence of pneumatic reinforcement systems is the use of air springs supporting the spring and thus reducing the wear of individual suspension parts.
In addition, the vehicle gains stability and manoeuvrability, better braking efficiency and cushioning. Pneumatic suspension offers higher driving comfort and safety.
Thanks to these properties, air suspension has been used in many delivery vans, campers, platform trailers, special vehicles, etc.
Each pneumatic set consists of: 2 air springs with fastening adapted to your vehicle and all necessary accessories, exactly as shown in the picture, as well as assembly and pneumatic diagrams.

Optionally, you can buy a compressor from us dedicated to operating the pneumatic system in our kits. We also recommend that you purchase a compressor connection with a check valve and a nozzle for the car valve. The check valve prevents the air from returning to the compressor (e.g. a sudden increase in pressure when a wheel falls into a road hole) and thus protects it from damage, and in the case of a two-circuit pneumatic system, 2 valves enable independent control of the right and left side of the vehicle (air does not migrate between air springs).
The use of a car valve provides several variants of pumping:

a) pumping by a compressor (without interfering with its construction and maintaining the warranty)
b) pumping at a petrol station
c) pumping by a car pump.

The air springs are bolted instead of a rubber bumper, without interfering with the vehicle’s suspension. Assembly is very easy – you can even do it yourself with basic tools.
The operation of the installed system is very simple, it comes down to controlling and regulating the pressure in the circuit depending on the load of the vehicle by decreasing or increasing air pressure on the panel with pressure gauges. The pressure gauge panel should be mounted in an easily accessible place in the vehicle cabin, e.g. on the cockpit or directly next to the driver’s seat. The compressor can be placed in the cabin, e.g. behind the driver’s seat.

Each set is available in several variants depending on the type of pneumatic system, the type of air bellows used and the purchase of optional equipment (compressor, compressor connections)

The pneumatic system can be single-circuit (the same pressure is achieved in both air springs) and dual-circuit (independent pressure control in each air spring).
Dual-circuit pneumatic system allows the vehicle to be levelled while stationary (e.g. campers) and when driving with uneven loads on the right and on the left side of the car.
To obtain the required pressure , which is different for each air spring, you must first inflate air to the entire pneumatic system and release the air from the selected air spring using the release valve.

Air springs are available in 2 types: double convoluted air springs, and rolling lobe air springs, so-called straight air springs. Straight air springs are characterised by a larger range of operating heights and more effective reduction of vibrations (smooth operation even under heavy load thanks to the folding of the rolling lobe air spring on the piston – a solution used in air springs for trucks).
Due to the 100% higher load capacity (1.5 t / 1 air spring !!!) compared to convoluted air spring of similar dimensions, straight bellows can be used in vehicles with a higher total weight – up to 6 t.

 We provide a 12-month guarantee on all our products.