PNEUMATIC KIT – Volkswagen Crafter 2, VI 2006 – 2019, DRIVE: rear axle, WHEEL: twin

The pneumatic system can be single-circuit (the same pressure is achieved in both air springs) or dual-circuit (independent pressure control in each air spring).
Dual-circuit pneumatic system allows the vehicle to be levelled while stationary (e.g. campers) and when driving with uneven loads on the right and on the left side of the car.

Air springs are available in 2 types: double convoluted air springs, and rolling lobe air springs, so-called straight air springs. Straight air springs are characterised by a larger range of operating heights and more effective reduction of vibrations (smooth operation even under heavy load thanks to the folding of the rolling lobe air spring on the piston – a solution used in air springs for trucks).
Due to the 100% higher load capacity (1.5 t / 1 air spring !!!) compared to convoluted air spring of similar dimensions, straight bellows can be used in vehicles with a higher total weight – up to 6 t.

Single circut
pneumatic system
Dual circut
pneumatic system

supply connection for own supply from the compressor for 1 pressure gauge with valve
supply connection for own supply from a compressor for 2 pressure gauges with valve